Okay. thus I heard apple is delivering out a new thing, called the iSlate.
It is basically a transportable touch screen computer without keyboad.
thus its like a giant iphone yet with a desktop. plus you are able to connect a keyboard. plus place apps about it.

should you understand what i mean then does anybody recognize how much it costs?

Answer by Joe
Market analist predicts expense at 500-800$ USD following initially month sales end.

Answer by nameofmyprolfile
It was reported by the ex-president of Google China it might expense really under $ 1000 USD.

Today’s marketplace is loaded with many computer computers to select from including web books plus handheld notebooks. This has caused people to receive confused whenever choosing what computer will be ideal for their demands. Among the aspects 1 must consider before purchasing a lap top computer are the RAM, processor, screen show, network as well as the power.


When it comes to selecting the processor, many folks think which we certainly need to receive the Pentium double core. But, with the computer sales assistant 1 may receive a cheaper processor with synonymous performance.

For the chosen significant level processor to function effectively, 1 might need enough memory to help the processors activity. For a consumer to comfortably run workplace software every system at a time, they require 1G memory. To run 1 workplace system, photoshop plus play a game simultaneously, 1.5G memory is required. 2G memory might permit the consumer to run software like dream weaver that is more complicated plus fancy games.


A screen show of between 12 to 15inches is needed for a advantageous computer show. The screen show needed can certainly rely found on the intended utilize of the lap top. For instance workplace statistics plus shape needs the heavier screen show.


It is mandatory to confirm which the computer has wireless 802.11a/b/g – Wi-Fi card inside terms of network. If 1 demands Bluetooth, it will be ideal to receive a computer with inside built Bluetooth. Because the power offers the energy incredibly for transportable laptops, the maximum amount of time which the power will keep the computer running ought to be considered. For instance for a laptop, the maximum functioning time ought to be 2 hours.

Most laptop consumers discover that their power gets damaged before the laptop. It is consequently significant whenever purchasing a laptop to ask how lengthy the power lasts and how lengthy the guarantee is.


The touch screen monitor is a trend which is truly capturing on inside the globe of computers. It enables the consumer to touch the buttons found on the screen because a means of carrying out operations because opposed to the utilization of the keyboard or mouse. These monitors are sensitive to the human touch feeling.


The iPad pill PC is the modern emerging trend plus everybody wants 1. It is compact plus comes built with a touch screen. is the leading Apple iPad wholesalers, producers plus importers inside South Africa. They additionally distribute touch screen computers.


Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) July 19, 2014

Recently, Asus has introduced its hot X550 plus VivoBook V400 plus V500 Series Notebooks to the public. What does this mean? HPI, a university bookstore distributor of development items, is carrying plus distributing this ultra-sleek plus effective laptop which is prepared to buy inside time for the fall semester.

The X550 laptop is super thin at just 1-inch thick, plus attributes a metallic finish for an commercial plus hi-tech look. On the inside, the Intel Core dual-core processor delivers maximum performance for browsing plus gaming, whilst a huge 1 TB difficult drive could assure pupils their function room might not be compromised over the upcoming 4 to five years.

All Asus laptops feature a 1-year accidental damage security program plus warranty, perfect for the clumsy university freshman.

The VivoBook Series qualities an great, excellent resolution touch screen monitor which handles the new Windows 8 platform. The qualities about this screen are synonymous to a pill, with pinch to zoom plus swiping abilities straight found on the monitor. There are 4 versions of the VivoBook available: the V400, V500, V500CA-DB71T plus V551LB-DB71T, with somewhat different specs differentiating the 4 SKUs.

Students can select the choices plus cost points which meet their budget.

All units, irrespective of the specs, feature 1-year accidental damage security.

Also, fresh ASUS’ introduced later inside the 4th quarter might feature the fourth-generation Intel Haswell processor. One of the principal advantages of the fresh processor is the ability to extend power lifetime. These Haswell processors additionally force the brand-new Apple MacBook Airs, that have enjoyed an heighten inside power lifetime of over 4 hours over its past generation of laptops. The long-lasting energy signifies computer consumers don’t have to strain regarding consistently being close an outlet.

These ASUS laptops is the focal part of any technologies show at university bookstores over America. Laptops, MP3 players, headphones plus different techcessories are becoming more popular inside campus bookstores because pupils can conveniently continue with styles about campus.

Visit, or call HPI at 1-800-308-2070 to discover much more about these hot ASUS notebooks and just how additional technologies goods is implemented into a campus bookstore.

I REALLY desire 1 of those touch screen laptops, were the screen turns all of the technique about, then you are able to place it right down to write about it.. but I have NO CLUE what they’re called! So PLEASE enable me!

Answer by Joe
Lenovo plus HP have the twist screen ones only to name a some businesses.
we think thats cool?

Gander at 2014, these factors makes kids inside africa the envy of pill owners lol

Kidding Kidding, apple has anything coming out very soon:

its rumored to be 10 or thus inch screen flat plus.. perfectly we learn mac’s design.

plus whats out right now: